Wisconsin – Jacuzzi Hotels

Wisconsin is a beautiful state. It is mostly an agricultural and live stock based area but if you think that all you will see are just some farms and domestic animals then you are totally wrong. There are a number of quality hotels with jacuzzi tubs here also. The state has two beautiful lakes on both the borders, lake Superior to the north and lake Michigan on the east. Apart from these main lakes the state has around 1500 small lakes too.

Wisconsin is known for its natural beauty and it has many outdoor activities for visitors. After partaking in an outdoor activity, there is nothing more relaxing than coming back to your jacuzzi hotel to lie in your hot tub and relax. The many different landscapes gives ample chance for all kinds of outdoor activities for tourists and tourism is one of the major occupations here apart from agriculture.

The most pleasant season to visit Wisconsin is either during autumn or in spring as the temperature is normal. Though you will not be able to do any ice sports during these times. In case you want to enjoy water sports then you should visit Wisconsin in summer. It is better to avoid visiting this place in winter as there is always a danger of snowstorm. Although this is not necessarily a bad thing as you will at least get to enjoy sitting in your hotel suite with jacuzzi in room.

The cities in Wisconsin have reasonably good night clubs. The state has a wildlife sanctuary where you can get close to the animals which some people find pretty cool. The Apostle Island is a major place to visit when you are in Wisconsin. The Bayfield Peninsula has a wild region which shares its border with Superior Lake  This place offers has some awesome sights. If you enjoy hiking then you can visit the hiking trails here too.

Milwaukee is another place in the state which is on the west side of Michigan Lake.  It is famous for it’s nightlife, beer and good food. It has many museums and buildings are signs of good architecture.  The place offers many outdoor activities as well. For more tips and tricks on everything from log cabins with jacuzzi to hot tub suites, make sure to check out the Hotels With Hot Tubs homepage

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