West Virginia – Hot Tub Hotels

West Virginia is a beautiful place that is famous for its scenic beauty and outdoor activities. It is also home to a fair amount of decent hot tub hotels too.

All outdoor activities in West Virginia are dependent on the season. Skiing and ice skating are popular winter activities as the place gets heavy snowfalls in winter. But winter is very cold here.  If you do not mind getting cold during the winter and you are fan of all the winter activities then you have to visit this place during winter. The one upside of staying in a hotel with jacuzzi in the room though is that you get to warm up in the nicest way possible after being outside in the cold.

Summer and autumn are the seasons best enjoyed in West Virginia.  The place is full of beautiful mountains and rocks.  The Allegheny Mountains is the range of mountains with many forests and wildlife in it. Seneca Rocks are supposed to be the best peak in these mountains to climb. Rock climbing and hiking are fairly common activities that can be enjoyed here.

Long drives or walks can give make you view and enjoy the beauty of this place.  The state has some beautiful small villages that are known for their scenic beauty and they are always inviting to tourists too.  Lewisburg is one such town which represents the beauty of the state.

Harpers Ferry is known as the historic town situated in low lying plain created by the rivers and the ground.  Two rivers meet at Harper’s Ferry. Elkins is yet another place of importance in West Virginia where many cultural events and folk traditional displays are organized.  If you want to see folk dancing then you must visit this village irrespective of what season it is.

Southern West Virginia is famous for all kinds of shopping. It has big malls with big brands as well as small shops that can be visited to have a glimpse of the local specialty. Antiques, arts and craft of West Virginia can be purchased here. Then afterwards, it’s really nice to be able to come back to your hotel with hot tub in room to relax.

The place is famous for dining too. Many big hotels and restaurants can give you good food from all over the world, but if you want to try American food then go to a local restaurant, where you will get some local delicacies.

West Virginia has many Spa centres that gives massages to relax your body and mind. For more tips and information about Hotels With Hot Tubs from around the world, make sure to check out the homepage.

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