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Welcome to Hotels with Hot Tubs. I have set up this site because in the past I have been very frustrated. Frustrated that I was unable to find hotels with jacuzzi in room so I can relax while on a business trips or holidaying with friends. I hope you like the site and welcome any feedback you have.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when looking for hotels with jacuzzi suites:

1. Your comfort is the number one priority. I would not recommend booking a room with a hot tub in a hotel that you are not sure of. It may be great to have a hot tub in your room. But if the rest of the hotel is not up to standard, then chances are you are not going to have a good time.

2. Make sure that your jacuzzi or hot tub is a good one. Some hotels say they offer ‘jacuzzi suites’ when in fact often they are offering little more than a bathtub with one or two whirlpools.

3. Hotels with jacuzzi in your room can make for a very romantic/sexy experience. So if you are hoping to win over the heart of someone special, definitely consider paying for a hotel room with a jacuzzi (but make sure to remember the next point).

4. Some hotels may offer suites with a jacuzzi, which sounds great, but when you get there, you may find that they haven’t been thoroughly cleaned. Always make sure when booking a suite that there is good room service and that your hot tub is cleaned regularly

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