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Everyone here at hotels with hot tubs just loves Washington DC. While it may not appear to be a beautiful city when you first look at it, there is simply so much to do that you can’t help having a great time.

Obviously it is the seat of government and as such has many governmental and historic sites that you can visit while there. There is the Washington monument, the Lincoln Memorial, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall, the Washington Mall, The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and many more, all located very close together.

If seeing all this is not enough to wet your appetite, you can also check out the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum. There is a wide variety of cool things to see and do there. It’s an especially good place to bring kids if you have them.

We feel like there is probably no need to tell you but the White House is the one place that you must visit while in DC. If you somehow don’t get a chance to see the White House while you’re there, then consider touring the other two houses of the government, the U.S. Capitol Building and the U.S. Supreme Court.

Washington DC is located between the states of Maryland and Virgina (in case you are wondering, DC stands for District of Columbia). Because of it’s location, it gets very cold during the winter. So if you are there during a cold spell, you should definitely consider staying at a hotel with jacuzzi in room. Nothing is better than slipping into your hot tub after a long day outside seeing the sites.

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