Vermont – Hotels With Jacuzzi In Room

Vermont is famous for outdoor activities and its scenic beauties. It also has quite a few hotels with jacuzzi in the room too. It has a mountain range which can be used for many outdoor activities. The best time for tourists to visit Vermont is during winter as Vermont is at its best and is a great skiing destination.

Some people do not enjoy winter and they are not interested in skiing.  Fall is the best season for such people as they can enjoy other activities instead. All the bridges and roads are covered due to fall of maple leaves. The place looks orange and red in color which is really breathtaking. Spring, summer and early autumn are good periods to visit Vermont otherwise.

Killington and Stowe are the two main tourist attractions for people who are interested in skiing and other ice sports like skating, ice fishing and ice cycling. One of the great things about staying in hotel with jacuzzi in room in one of these places, is that after being out in the cold you can come back to your room and warm up in the hot tub.

Burlington is another major tourist attraction in Vermont. It is full of beautiful lakes and mountains. Champlain Lake is the most famous lake here for boating and fishing.  The scenic beauty of the place can be enjoyed while going for walks. Many adventure sports like hiking and rock climbing can keep you engaged here. The mountain range is also known as the “green mountains” because it is covered with a number of green colored trees spread over vast stretches of over 400km.

Burlington has many beautiful historical sites and museums. Tourists can find a lot of small villages on the roadside and if you wish to travel on these roads by bike it can be a great experience. You can get bikes on rent here too. The Champlain Lake has a ferry and this can take you to the other side of the lake relatively quickly. You may choose to take your bike on the ferry too.

The other major beautiful cities of Vermont are Rutland, South Burlington and Montpelier. All these cities are equally beautiful and can be visited any time to see the spectacular state parks and museums. It’s worth trying to stay in a hot tub hotel while you are in one of these towns, especially if it’s during the winter.

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