Valencia – Jacuzzi Hotels

Valencia is becoming one of the hottest spots in Spain. It is both a cultural and a visual treat for those who visit this place as it has a combination of Gothic and Modern architecture. Beaches, Museums, Festivities, leisure centers, catering and sports events make this place a great tourist attraction.

There are many lovely and appealing jacuzzi hotels in and around the city. But most of the hotels with hot tubs in them in Valencia are located in the old town or close to the sandy beaches and also next to the city of Arts and Sciences. Old Town in Valencia is the most suitable place to identify a hotel for accommodation, as everything is available at your doorstep. There are good restaurants, bars and clubs for those who are out to enjoy the night life. For those who want to enjoy the cultural places like Santa Catalina Church, Basilica de la Virgen, the Cathedral of Valencia can also look out for hotels in Old town.

The hotels with a jacuzzi in room in Valencia usually have top notch services as well as a bar. The Venecia hotel, situated in the heart of the city with two star rating is close to commercial and business zone as well as to historic center although it’s not particularly well known as a hot tub hotel. Guests can find countless number of restaurants and bars just 50 meters away. The rooms and suites are comfortably designed and furnished. The amenities provided here are all high quality. There is a conference room for business people and the hotel offers free internet service for the guests.

Hotel Sorolla is well located in the city center. It is 30 meters away from the Town hall and the main railway station is just 200 meters away from this hotel. It is surrounded by shops, restaurants, bars and cafes. Hotel Sorolla with a three star rating has many amenities for the convenience of it’s guests. The staff in this hotel are friendly too. The ambiance in the reception is pleasant and welcoming. The rooms are spacious with big bathrooms and 24 hour internet service.

Most hotels in Valencia are strategically located. The hotels are designed with an architectural touch combining both contemporary and traditional culture. Visitors get excited with other features offered by these hotels like plasma televisions, wireless internet connection, swimming pools, Jacuzzi and many others. Most of the hotels serve Mediterranean cuisine which is the greatest attraction for many visitors.

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