Vacationing in Las Vegas – Here are some tips

The team here at Hotels with Hot Tubs absolutely loves Las Vegas! It really is the ultimate adults playground. So we decided to put together some tips on what to do and what to see while you are there:

If you are thinking about winning it big, then go see the biggest golden nugget in the world, at where else but the ‘Golden Nugget’ casino to give you some inspiration before hitting the tables.

Walk the Strip. Everybody gets cabs or takes the monorail when trying to get around Las Vegas. However it’s totally worth your time to take a walk instead of paying for transport. You’ll not only see some of the craziest, strangest people hanging out and walking the strip, but you’ll also get a chance to really take in the sites as you make your way down the strip.

G0 to the Nascar cafe in the Sahara Casino. While it may seem a little cheesy for some, it is quite fun. Once you’re done eating (but preferably before you eat) take a ride on Speed, the roller coaster.

Get a Gondola ride at the Venitian. While it’s definitely not anything like the real Venice, it still can be quite romantic to slowly move through the water and stare up at the very realistic sky (painted ceiling).

Go and see the Bellagio. First up, it’s a beautifully decorated building. But also make sure to check out their fine art muesum. It might not be the first thing that pops into your mind when going on a hendonistic trip to Vegas, but it is definitely worth it, especially the Picasso restaurant which is covered with original works by the man himself.

For adrenaline junkies, check out the Sling Shot. It’s a tower that shoots you straight up in the air at high speed and then brings you down almost as quick. What’s great about the Sling Shot is that it lasts less than a minute so you aren’t wasting any time while enjoying the rest of Vegas.

This list is not complete, there literally hundreds of things that you can do in Vegas. What’s important to consider is staying in a suite in a central hotel, so that you are never too far from the rest of the attractions on the strip.

Hope you found these tips helpful guys, If you are looking for more information on hotels with jacuzzi in your room make sure to check out the Hotels with Hot Tubs homepage for the most up-to-date information

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