UK – Hotels With Jacuzzi In Room

The UK or United Kingdom is the famous country in Europe and has many popular hot tub hotels. Great Britain is the other name for the UK.  July and August are known to be the best months to visit UK. The majority of the tourists love to visit the UK in these two months for their holidays and hence these two months are the most expensive and crowded months in UK.

But any part of the year is good for tourists to visit UK whether or not you plan on staying in a hotel with hot tubs. Britain has many Victorian era buildings which are worth visiting.  The architecture of the buildings is awesome.  Apart from sightseeing there are many fun things to do in UK, as there are some places that you may have never heard of before.

Something that will definitely get you out of the comfort of you jacuzzi suite is learning bush craft and survival skills which are another kind of activity made available in many places in the UK where you are allowed to stay in a place and live like they did many years ago.  You will learn things like trekking, hunting, fire craft and shelter building to be able to live like they did many years ago.

Caving and potholing is another fun thing to do in UK that’s a little different.  Here you and your group will guide each other in an underground cave. It is a slow and time consuming process and everybody may not enjoy such a kind of activity.  You need to move through narrow tunnels and underground lakes. It is great fun finding out new sites while doing it.

If you have heard of Zorbing then you may wish to try that activity too. You will be in a giant ball and the ball will be continuously bounced and rolled over down the hill.  The speed will be around 30 mph. This ‘alternative’ activity is quite famous all over UK.

There are many more fun things to do in UK like Quad biking where you have to drive your bike through difficult roads and  Sand boarding is yet another type of activity in which you have to move a boat on the sand, much like snow boarding. Apart from boating there is power kiting which involves the activity of flying a kite from the garden or a park.

All these activities can keep you engaged during your holiday and you’re your trip memorable. Then there is nothing nicer than returning to hotel with jacuzzi suites to relax afterward.

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