Tokyo – Hot Tub Suites

Tokyo is the capital city of Japan and is a mixture of western and eastern culture. It is the most advanced city of Japan and many big Japanese companies have their offices in Tokyo. Tokyo can be as traditional to the traditional people living there want it or as modern as people want it. It just depend what part of the city you stay in.

Different kinds of hotels are there in Tokyo, everything from luxury hotels with hot tub suites to cheaper and more affordable hotels. Due to the existence of the multinational companies many outsiders come to Tokyo for official reasons like meetings with company executives, training and seminars.  Many hotels in Tokyo allow you to have these kinds of business meetings in their hotel conference rooms. They are western style hotels where people from Europe and America prefer to stay as they give you all the facilities these tourists are used to like continental breakfast and the other usual things that you can expect at European hotels.  Peninsula Tokyo, Hilton is the famous but one of the most expensive hotels in Tokyo.  Waiters here can converse with the tourists in English language which is a nice touch. You will also find a number of hotel rooms with hot tubs here.

Tokyo is the most expensive city of Japan and most of the western style hotels are expensive here. If you want to go for the Japanese style hotel then you should try some other less expensive hotels where you will get many of the same facilities except for things like jacuzzi suites. Rice and noodles are the common foods in Japan.  The decoration of many of the hotels is also in the Japanese style. These kinds of hotels can be cheaper as compared to western style hotels with hot tubs.  People here may not talk proper English but will have at least a few common words you should be able to communicate with them.

If you have a tight budget then try Kanshuku hotels (simple accommodation in Japanese). They are mostly located in central Tokyo and the decoration will be entirely in Japanese style.  They will offer you a single room where you can just get enough sleep with minimum facilities like TV, AC , night cloths and Toilet. You won’t find any hot tubs here! There will not be any room facilities like television and breakfast in the room.  Sleep is the only criteria here.  You might not get English speaking people here, so keep that in mind. Learn a few important Japanese words if you want to stay in these kinds of hotels here. These kinds of hotels are in the main city which is closer to all the sightseeing places.

If you are looking for the place which is cheaper then this then try dormitory types hotels where you can get a room with minimum facilities like toilet, Showers, Laundromat and Free Internet PCs.

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