Sweden – Jacuzzi Hotels

Sweden is one of the largest European countries by area.  By and large it is a cold country and the highest temperature is in July which is around 18°C (on average). From June to September it is summer season here and that can be the best time for you to visit Sweden as you will find most of the places are open during this season. It’s also bright for close to 24 hrs per day around this time. In winter the temperature can go below -10°C and due to heavy snow fall some of the important places to see may remain closed. This is exactly why you should strongly consider staying in a jacuzzi hotel when visiting Sweden.

Sightseeing is one of the most common activities in Sweden and there are many ways to do it. Although you may want to stay in your hotel with jacuzzi in room, it’s a great idea to get out there and explore! You can hire a car to move around and in case you like to drive then do not ask for chauffer. Drive your car on your own which gives you far more freedom.  Alternatively you can move around with tours and travel packages. There are special packages for handicapped people also in Sweden.

If you want to combine sightseeing with recreation activity then move around in Stockholm with the help of hot air balloon!  This is the most spectacular way of moving in Stockholm but the tour depends upon the weather. Retreating to your hot tub suite afterward is highly recommended.

Ice climbing is quite famous in Sweden as Sweden is a mountainous area, skiing is also one of the most famous activities here and it is for everybody who has a reasonable ability at it as well as for the people who do not know much about it. There are different levels, games and competitions of skiing like midnight sun skiing, midday skiing, slalom, etc.  Every year there are many famous competitions of skiing are held here and from all over the world people come here to take part.

Some more things to do when you are in Sweden are boating, trekking, biking and whitewater rafting, fishing and obviously relaxing in your hotel with hot tubs.  In fact many places in Sweden allow you to do these things. Sweden is surrounded by water and moving from one place to another in boat is quite common in Sweden.  The water here is clear and pure.

The most happening cities of Sweden are Stockholm which is a capital of Sweden as well as Gothenburg and Malmo.

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