St. Lucia – Hotels With Hot Tub Suites

The Inn on the Bay is exactly what it sounds like.  Providing a breathtaking view of the Marigot Bay, it is exclusively a five room hotel designed to provide a unique experience.  One of the hotel’s key features is the free shuttle service provided to and from the Inn to provide customers with a personalized experience.  The Inn boasts of its unique location upon the bay’s south coast, where all is calm.  Relaxation then becomes effortless with natural sights to speed up the process.  A recent activity to be included is snorkeling which allows for entertainment. While it may not be known specifically as a hotel with hot tub suites, it’s still very much worth checking out.

Villa Beach Cottages is a boutique hotel surrounded by coconut trees of the Choc Bay.  The villa suites are what tourists come for, as they are really a home away from home.  This is exactly the experience tourists receive while also still being able to enjoy all that St. Lucia has to offer.  The hospitable nature of the hotel staff makes it all the more thrilling at tourists can explore the Choc bay all by themselves. It has many different amenities, from jacuzzi suites to brilliant dining. Just minutes away from the beach, all villas boast of a panoramic view of the Caribbean. Guests are given their own space and privacy, with all villas being completely self-contained.

Rendezvous is the place to go for couples seeking to reconnect. It has been especially designed around this idea of romance and togetherness, to give couples a chance to relax and soak in the St. Lucian sun.  The resort offers many activities to make sure this vacation remains enjoyable – all sorts of water sports with on site personal scuba instructors. There are also hot tub suites in some rooms to relax in. There is a tennis instructor available also for those who like to keep in shape by getting competitive.  The Manager’s Cocktail Party held every Wednesday allows couples to dress up and socialize with other guests and locals.

Stonefield Estate Villa Resort & Spa is one of the oldest and most established villa resorts in the West Indies. The architecture here is a blend of the rustic with the traditional to give a really serene environment.  Sightseeing can be done with Soufriere and Jalousie beach just a short distance away. Not to mention bathing in the waterfalls and hiking through dense tropical forests is important to get a real sense of the St. Lucian adventure. “Mango Tree” is a restaurant that allows guests to dine in luxury during the evenings with special entertainment sessions provided as well. The gang at Hotels With Hot Tubs strongly recommends St. Lucia as a destination for honeymoons or just taking a relaxing vacation.

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