South Carolina – Hotels With Hot Tub Suites

South Carolina is a famous tourist destination for many people who like taking their vacation on the coast. There are many things to do in South Carolina like sightseeing, checking out the local culture and eating good food. Combining all these can give you one of the most memorable holiday for you and your family especially if you are also staying in a luxurious hotel suite with a hot tub in it.

In many places like Greenville and Leesville; you can get great spa treatments which will help you to escape from everyday stress. Different kinds of massages are available here and the prices depend on the service offered.

In South Carolina, season plays an important role as it’s a good bit colder during the winter than in the summer (although that’s a great reason to stay in a hotels that has hot tubs in room. Spring and Fall are the main season which you can enjoy in South Carolina as summer is very hot here and in winter it is very cold. Also remember that in August and September there are heavy chances of hurricanes hitting. It is better to avoid visiting the coast of South Carolina during this time. March, April, Late September and October are the months when it is most suitable for a relaxing holiday.

Columbia is famous for it’s zoo. Here you can get to see many exotic animals and it can be worked as a family tour.  It has a botanical garden as well as aquarium which can be a place for the education of the young kids. The place has its own scenic beauty and it is known as one of the best tourist attractions in South Carolina. All the animals are left free here.  If you are moving in a car then you can see these animals very close.  Zebra, gorillas, elephants, lion , tigers, hippos are the main attraction of this zoo. The zoo has many birds in winter.

Hilton Head Island is another beautiful place to stay in a hotel with hot tub in the room. Apart from boating, fishing and swimming this place is famous for shopping too.

Some of the important cities of the South Carolina which you should visit during your stay here are Charleston, Columbia, Florence, Myrtle Beach, North Charleston and Spartanburg.

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