Scotland – Hotels with Jacuzzi in Room

Not many people immediately think of Scotland when they are considering a booking a hotel with jacuzzi in room. They would be forgiven for thinking about somewhere that typically seems more romantic, such as Paris or Rome. However Scotland still has a lot to offer anyone considering a romantic break with someone they love in a jacuzzi hotel.

So what’s so romantic about Scotland then? First of all you must consider it’s romantic landscape. The rugged terrain that comprises such a large part of Scotland is a fantastic place to go hiking or just for a walk with someone you love. You’ll avoid the hustle and bustle that you may find if you were to holiday in a city, plus you can cuddle up in a secluded cottage with jacuzzi after your long trip if you can find one to rent. Romantic!

But walking or hiking on Scotland’s hills, mountains and moors is not for everybody. For a lot of people they might actually find that quite boring. If you are one of these people, you might instead consider staying in one of Scotland’s beautiful and historic cities such as Edinburgh, Glasgow, Durham or Aberdeen.

Edinburgh is usually most people’s first choice as it offers such lovely surroundings, as well as great festivals such as the Jazz & Blues festival, the Fringe Festival which is a comedy festival and Hogmanay which is Edinburgh’s version of New Year’s.

That’s not to say that Glasgow doesn’t offer anything. It does. In Glasgow, you’ll find the architectural splendor of the City Chambers, the Burrell art gallery, the Glasgow Cathedral and many more historical attractions.

If you are interested in a less hectic city break with a loved one in Scotland, you may consider going to Durham where you will find the beautiful and old buildings of Durham University as well as an array of small, quaint pubs and bars to grab a drink in before heading back to you jacuzzi suite!

We hope you liked this article on Scotland and strongly consider staying in a hot tub hotel if you vacation there. For more travel tips and information of staying in a hotel with jacuzzi in room, check out the hotels with hot tubs homepage.

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