San Diego – Hotels with Jacuzzi

San Diego is not just the city of Ron Burgendy! It is also a fantastic place to stay at a hotel that has a hot tub in the room. There is just so many different activities (both romantic and plain fun) in San Diego that you will never get bored vacationing there.

First of all there is the beaches where you can surf, swim and just relax with your friends or partner. You can also walk, bike or roller-blade along mission beach boardwalk. However not everybody wants to be by the beach. You may be someone who prefers to be in a more secluded spot. If that sounds like you, then you might be interested in visiting Torrey Pines State Park where you can also go bird watching.

Once you are tired of the more active pursuits that you can find in San Diego, you may prefer to watch other people be active! Located just next to the Gaslamp District is the San Diego Padres baseball stadium where you see the Padres take on all comers. Or if baseball isn’t manly enough for you, you can always watch the San Diego Chargers take on other football teams during the football season.

But sport and activities is not for everyone. You might prefer to take it easy and have a more relaxed time. That’s why you booked a hotel with jacuzzi in the room, right? No problem, there is a ton of nice things for you to do in the Gaslamp Quarter. There you will find everything from art galleries to clothes boutiques to bars to some really great dining. You will also find some great hotels there: the Marriot hotel, the Hard Rock hotel, the Omni hotel and Hilton hotel are all located in the Gaslamp Quarter.

San Diego is definitely a great place to vacation at and booking a hotel with a hot tub in room will make it even better. For more romantic travel advice and tips on jacuzzi hotels check out the hotels with hot tubs homepage

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