Riga – Jacuzzi Suites

Riga is the largest city in Latvia. Being the capital of one of the largest industrial and financial centre of the Baltics, it has lot of history associated with it. It is highly populated with a population of over 700,000 people and this makes it the third largest region in the Baltic. Riga is one of the most important seaports that are situated at mouth of Daugava. Riga is also known as the city of inspiration has a large number of places that attract tourists. When this is the case, obviously there are many hotels available in the city for the accommodation of the visitors.

Most of the hotels in Riga portray the historic significance of the city. They are designed using structures and sculptures that vary from Gothic to Modernism. As the times have changed, the number of hotels that have come up in the city has increased over every budget range from cheap bed & breakfast type places to extravagant hotels with jacuzzi in room. Not only that, another reason that has given rise to so many hotels is the fact that this city is the cultural center of the Baltic region. This attracts large amounts of people and hence the need for the hotels has increased tremendously during the years.

Different kinds of accommodation are available in the city. Depending on the budget of the family, the accommodation can be chosen. There are hotels available at the mid range as well as in the more luxury range (that include massive suites with hot tubs in them). Not only that, but there are many hostels and apartments that are rented out to families for their holiday. Apart from the hotels in Riga, there are camping areas that can be rented out for people who love camping.

One of the famous hotels is the Old Riga Palace. Situated near the Daugava River, it is one of the hotels in the city that has a pleasant atmosphere. It was opened in the year 2009 with brilliant architecture. It has around 100 rooms some of which include hot tub suites, all of which are air conditioned. There are also many restaurants within the hotel that offer different kinds of cuisine.

One of the oldest hotels is the Grand Palace Hotel. It is one of the best five star hotels that is located in the historical quarter of Riga. One big advantage is the fact that this hotel is situated very close to the shopping areas. These hotels obviously have a spa and a bar linked with it. These hotels are comparatively affordable. This city provides accommodation for all sections of people according to their needs and budget whether you are looking for hot tub hotels or other types of hotels.

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