Prague – Hotels With Hot Tubs

Prague is the largest city and the capital of Czech Republic. It is situated in the banks of River Vltava. Its culture and architecture are predominately influenced by the Roman style as it was the Holy Roman capital during the Gothic and the Renaissance period. Prague has been declared as a World Heritage Sites by UNESCO, and it is one of the most visited places in Europe.

As Prague is a popular tourist destination, hotel business in this city is booming. One can find different types of hotels to suit all requirements. The hotels in Prague vary from budget hostels to luxury hotels with jacuzzi in room and can be slotted into various categories like the top rated chain of hotels which are modern and are located in the heart of the town, or five to four stars rated small family run hotels which are again found in the heart of the city. There is a hotel which offers bed and breakfast and are best suited for people traveling on a limited budget. These hotels can be found in not so swanky localities.

One hotel in Prague which is run by family worth mentioning is the Old Town square. The hotel is uniquely small with very large ten rooms of which three are double room, three junior suites and four family apartments. The hotel is located in the centre of the Old town Square and its adjacent buildings have been marked as the World Heritage sites by UNESCO. The rooms are furnished with modern design furniture and all rooms over look the Old Square. The hotel is located very close to all popular destinations, restaurants, shopping arcade in the city.

Another hotel in Prague which is very popular among tourist is the Best Western Hotel Meteor Plaza. This building has existed as a hotel since the year 1307. It is located in the heart of Prague next to the Palace Hibernia, the Municipal House and the Powder Gate. The hotel provides the guest free internet facility, solarium, sauna and a whirl pool and certain rooms have hot tubs in them. The rooms are beautifully furnished overlooking the court yard.

Many hotels in and around Prague are restored buildings steeped in history and each have their unique location in this beautiful town whether they are a jacuzzi suite or a hot tub suite. There is something for everyone ranging from budget travelers to the rich and the elite. Most hotels in Prague offer all the basic facilities that you would expect in any European hotel. So plan your trip well ahead of time and you can get the best deals from these hotels even if you are planning on staying in a usually expensive hotel with hot tub in room

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