Palermo – Hotels With Jacuzzi

Palermo is one of the oldest historic cities in the southern part of Italy. Being the capital of both the province of Palermo and Sicily, it is a very famous place with large number of sight seeing spots. It is wonderful to visit whether you decide to stay in a budget hotel or a hotel with jacuzzi in room. The city is quite popular for its architecture, history and culture. The summer season is extremely hot while the winters are warm and pleasant. In such cases, for the visitors, the best time to visit the city would be during the winter season. As far as the sight seeing places are concerned, the city is flooded with churches for the visitors to spend their time. These churches are known for their architectural beauty. Apart from the churches there are a large number of museums and of course opera houses also. Since there are a large number of places to visit, the city also has loads of hotels within the city limits. These hotels are certainly affordable with different amenities, although if you are looking for a great hotel with hot tub, then you will easily be able to find it as well.

There are a large number of hotels in Palermo. One of the very famous hotels located in the city is the Falkensteiner Hotel in Palazzo Sitano. It is exactly situated at the heart of the city and without a doubt this is the best place for relaxation. This hotel consists of a beautiful terrace with soft sofas providing the best relaxation places. There is also a free gym within the area thereby attracting a large number of visitors. There are about eighty six rooms and all of them are air conditioned. The rooms consist of a plasma television, luxury toilets and a mini bar while some of the rooms have hot tubs in them. There are different kinds of restaurants offering different kinds of food. These restaurants are beautifully designed with elegant art. This hotel has a huge area for its parking and hence preferred by most of the guests.

One among the other hotels in Palermo that is quite popular among visitors is the Hotel Garibaldi. The name of the hotel is derived from the name of one of the theatres located in the city. It is one of the most modern hotels that are located in the city and provides free car parking to all the visitors although it’s not particularly well known as a hotel with hot tubs in room. Every room is decorated with contemporary designs and all of them come with a television. The hotel consists of conference rooms and a bar. Since the hotel is situated at the center of the city, it is easier for the visitors to visit the places of their like.

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