Ohio – Hot Tub Suites

Ohio is a wonderful place to take a romantic vacation in, especially if you are planning on booking a hotel with jacuzzi in room. The great thing about Ohio is that it’s not considered a very romantic spot. But is that truly a great thing??? Yes, it’s great because you won’t ever get flooded or overwhelmed with tons of other couples on Valentines day or any other romantic time.

So where should you go in Ohio. Well the biggest cities are Columbus (which is also the capital), Cleveland and Cincinnati. So if you want to make sure that there are a lot of different and varied activities for you then make sure that you consider those 3 first.


Columbus is not necessarily the best place to bring a loved one, but it can still be fun. On the upside you may find that you are spending all your time in your jacuzzi suite. if you manage to make the trip to the Columbus Zoo & Aquarium you will be treated to Orangutans, Colobos monkeys, Kangaroos, Koalas and Komodo dragons. If you are a little younger and want to do something a little more fun, then consider going to Magic Mountain where you’ll be able to play mini-golf, drive go carts, bumper cars and more!


If you are staying in a jacuzzi hotel with a loved one in Cleveland, then definitely consider taking a trip to see the Cleveland Museum of Art. It has some fantastic pieces by van Gough, Monet and Picasso. A more summer activity is to visit the Cleveland Botanical Gardens where you can see some amazing gardens such as the Japanese Garden and CK Patrick Perennial Garden.


Cincinati may not be the first city to come to mind when booking a hotel with jacuzzi in room. However there are still fun and romantic things to do there. You can always go and see the Cincinati Bengals play football, not necessarily the most romantic thing you could dream of, but fun nonetheless. You can jump aboard one of the riverboats and sail along the Ohio river, which is definitely something that’s a little more fairy-tale like.

All in all, Ohio really does have a lot to offer if you are thinking of booking a hotel room with jacuzzi suite, whether it’s in Cincinnati, Columbus or Cleveland. For more great travel advice and tips on romantic hotels, check out the hotels with hot tubs homepage

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