Oakland – Hotels With Jacuzzi In Room

The city of Oakland is located on the bay of San Francisco. It is around 13 kms from San Francisco.  This city is influenced by Spanish culture as they were the rulers of the city in the 18th Century.   Tourists all over the world can reach this city easily with the help of three international airports.

Oakland is one of the major cities of the United States of America and all the big hotel names are present in the city. These hotels give you luxurious facilities if you are ready to pay them heavily especially for things like
hotel rooms with jacuzzi and for hot tub suites.  Many business houses use these hotels for the commercial purpose like keeping some training programs or the annual meet between the representatives of the different countries.   These hotels provide all the facilities required for such business meets including a big specious conference room, internet connection, computers, printer, scanner and cell phones.

The Marriot, Hilton, Ritz are there to give competition to one another.  They are conveniently located and give the maximum facilities to their customer.  The classic look of such hotels attracts customers towards them.  These hotels offer some special off season discounts and/or packages for weekend travelers.

If you are visiting Oakland in the peak season and would not want to pay a lot for these hotels then you can try some good budget hotels.  Some hotels in Oakland can offer you many facilities for a rate as cheap as $42.  Some 2 star hotels give you many facilities like Jacuzzi, heated pool, equipped kitchen, coffee maker and internet connection at low rate.  You just need to book in advance as there can be heavy rush in the season and you may not get good hotel.

If you want to go to the middle range hotel then there are some middle range hotel where you need to pay around $75 to $100 depends upon the hotel although you won’t find many hotel rooms with jacuzzi suites in mid range hotels.

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