Norway – Log Cabins With Hot Tubs

Norway is one of the countries in Northern Europe near the Scandinavian Peninsula.  Norway can be visited throughout the year and is quite well known for skiing as well as having some great log cabins with hot tubs in them. There is no specific season to visit Norway but many people visit Norway during May to September.  Norway is a cool country and many winter sport facilities besides just skiing are available here.

The glaciers are a famous part of Norway.  At one stage all of Norway was covered by ice during the last ice age. Jostedalsbreen is the largest glacier in Norway.  There are many fun activities that are organized in these glaciers in Norway.  Walking on the glacier is the easiest thing which you can do with your family and even a child whose age is above 6 can be a part of this. People with little more experience and those who are adventures can opt for hiking on these Glaciers. The you can come back to your hotel with hot tub after your hike.

Skiing on the mountains also can be done on these glaciers. There are many mountains which are covered by snow. Winter is the main season where you can enjoy all the skiing activities in Norway. Norway is a beautiful country with many breathtaking landscapes like mountains, fjords, hills and beautiful bypass roads. Norway has some of the highest mountain peaks in Northern Europe.

Norway has some of the great waterfalls that are fed by Glaciers and as such are quite large during the summer. Voringfossen and Geiranger Fjord are few of the famous waterfalls of Norway.  Hiking and walking in the water fall is really amazing thing to do when you are there. Then retreating to your hotel with hot tub suite afterward is a perfect way to warm up quickly.

The lakes of Norway can give you a different experience. Oyeren Lake is a beautiful one which is located on the outskirts of Oslo.  It is the fourth largest lake in Norway and it has many varieties of Fish.  If you wish to do fishing in this lake you need to be above 16 years and should have a license to do so, but you can get one very easily for the local post office.

Along with all the above mentioned landscapes Norway has many forests and a zoo too.  Many animals from all over the world are present here.  The nightlife of Norway is another thing you can enjoy if you are a bit younger. Most of the big cities like Oslo, Bergen have clubs and bars where you can enjoy music, dance and drinks. Staying in a hotel with jacuzzi in room in Norway is bound to be a fun experience that you won’t forget.

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