New Orleans – Hotels With Jacuzzi In Room

New Orleans, the largest city in the state of Louisiana, United States of America straddles the Mississippi river and the lakes Ponchartrain and Borgne. The city is famous for its culture, music cuisine and its various annual events, celebration and festivals like Mardi Gras.

The city was devastated by the ferocious Katrina Hurricane in August 2005 which was soon followed by Hurricane Rita in September 2005. The entire city came to standstill for almost 5 months and the tourism business was almost non existent. Five years after the terrible disaster the city was re built and thriving. Though throughout the city one can see relics of the ravages caused by Katrina, the city has got its feet and has started celebrating all its annual festivals and events.

Hotels in New Orleans were brought to nothing by the hurricanes. Most hotels were restored and rebuilt after 2005 disaster including many hotels with jacuzzi in room and hot tub hotels. New Orleans is a home for many French Quarter hotels. Most famous and popular among them is the Andrew Jackson Hotel which is located on the royal Street just a hop away from the antique shops and world renowned restaurants on Bourbon Street. The hotel is charming with French designs and ambience. Most suites have wrought iron balcony which over look the Royal Street and the French Quarter. Andrew Jackson hotel is known for its friendly service and comfortable stay.

St James Hotel is a hotel built inspired by British architecture. It is located very close to the French Quarter in Banks Arcade and is a 19th century Caribbean sugar and trade centre. The hotel boasts 86 rooms decorated with Caribbean flavours with roof top terraces and open courtyards. The St. James Hotel has the most poplar restaurant in New Orleans, the Cuvee Restaurant. The hotel has a lounge pool in its beautiful court yard. Each boutique suites are fitted with marble baths (which are way cooler that your average jacuzzi or hot tub) and other amenities offered by most hotels. If one wishes to experience the flavours of New Orleans, then a stay at St. James hotel is a must.

Hotels and tourism is thriving in New Orleans. This shows the spirit and resilience of the people of New Orleans. New Orleans is famous for it unique cuisine and most hotels in New Orleans have very fine restaurants which specialise in authentic New Orleans cuisine. Many new hotels have come up in this vibrant city which caters to all segments of people.

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