Monaco – Hotels With Jacuzzi In Room

Monaco is the second smallest country in the world, with a population of only 33,000. Located in the south of France it is just 16 km away from Italy. It is located ideally between the mountains and the sea. This micro state is home to one of the world’s most romantic locations, Monte Carlo. Monte Carlo houses some of the worlds most luxurious Casinos and hotels. One of the most prestigious Formula One races ‘The Monaco Grand Prix’ is also held here, it is one of the most challenging tracks drivers face. With all this glamor, it’s no wonder that you will also find a large number of hotels with hot tubs here.

Hotels in Monaco each have a unique style, differing so vastly in building styles from Belle Époque to Contemporary. They all however share the same tradition of hospitality above all else. The Hotel De Paris started in 1864 has all the elegance of its legendary palatial history mixed with the conveniences of modernity. Located in the Golden Square of the Place Du Casino this Monaco Hotel ensures that your every possible wish on a holiday is met whether you are looking for a jacuzzi suite or a very large room.

Jacques Garcia the renowned architect renovated the Hotel Metropole Monte Carlo turning it into an center of timeless luxury and contemporary style. This incredible Monaco Hotel is a member of ‘The Leading Hotels of the World.’ Master chef Joel Robuchon and his 2 Michelin starred restaurant also call this splendid hotel home. With the recent addition of ‘Yoshi,’ Joel Robuchon’s Japanese restaurant makes this hotel a true meeting of the old and the new.

‘Le Meridian Beach Plaza’ offers seclusion like none other with its private beach. Its 3000 square meter conference room proves that Monaco’s hotels are not just a great romantic location but also successful as a corporate destination. This small state is a tax haven for many as it levies no income tax on Individuals, showing why it is such a popular destination for businessmen.

Hotel Hermitage, Fairmont Monte Carlo, Port Palace, The Columbus, Monte Carlo Bay Hotel and Resort are just a few of the many incredible hotels this small country offers when you are thinking about hotels with jacuzzi in room. Whether it be a romantic getaway, a corporate conference or a family holiday these hotels cater to every possible scenario ensuring that your visit to Monaco is a memorable and successful one.

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