Long Beach – Jacuzzi Hotels

Long Beach is a city in the southern California.  It is situated in Los Angeles County.  The city has one of the world’s largest shipping ports and today its aerospace industry has made it more popular and tourists all over the world are attracted to the city.

Long beach has many hotels that allow you to stay within your budget.  The budget hotels of long beach start between with $20 to $79 but probably won’t have the option of jacuzzi suites.  Even two star hotels can be around $60 to $79 in this city with moderate facilities.  All the hotels in Long Beach can be classified in the category like budget, economy, mid priced and upscale hotel.  All these budget and economy hotels have few facilities like Wi-Fi, television, equipped kitchen and laundry.

Most of the big hotels in the city are near the single airport in Long Beach.  All these hotels have all the facilities which can give better a stay to the customer.    All these hotels have their own restaurants and coffee shops where you get many different kinds of cuisines. You will also find some hotels with jacuzzi in room. Some of the hotels in Long Beach have more space for fitness center where there can be many facilities like yoga centres, outdoor or indoor swimming pools and walkways for walking or jogging.

Hyatt Regency can be one of such hotel in the long beach which is centrally located and can make your journey of this city better with its ambiance, service and cuisine.  Most of the famous shopping places as well as all the famous sites are nearby and in cases where they are a long distance from the hotel, the hotel offers you taxi service.  The facilities here can be useful for the business travelers who has less time to travel as they are on business tours. The world famous Disneyland is not far from this place.

Some hotels in Long Beach are specially designed for the long distance travellers.  It offers one bedroom suites as well as well equipped studios with many other facilities with affordable rates.

Long Beach Convention Center Travelodge can be taken as a budget hotel which can give value for its money to its customer.  It has many middle level facilities and can be useful for the people who have a smaller budget and want to enjoy the city can definitely go to this hotel although you should expect to find a hot tub suite or jacuzzi in your bedroom in this hotel.  It is near to many of the famous places like Queen Mary, Aquarium of the Pacific.  The port gives you chance to enjoy the Cruise ships which are not far from the hotel.

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