Log Cabins with Hot Tubs

Log Cabins with Hot Tubs are probably the most overlooked honeymoon idea there is. Nothing is nicer than taking a loved one to a secluded place, especially in the wilderness and then surprising him/her with a rustic looking log cabin. Then when they look inside and see a jacuzzi, they will be in heaven.

Although if you are a guy, then you may find it great to rent a cabin with jacuzzi for you and your friends, especially if you are on a fishing trip or hiking trip or something similar. Nothing beats coming home from a long day of fishing or hiking and being able to sit back and unwind in a hot tub and chat with your friends over a few beers.

So you may be psyched about booking a a cabin with a hot tub but  before jumping from this page and booking the first log cabin with a hot tub that you find, there are some very important factors to take into account:

1. All log cabins are not built the same. Sure, you probably would like to imagine that every log cabin is going to be just like in the movies: warm and nicely decorated. However often people find that when they get to their log cabin, it’s not what they had been hoping for. There are cobwebs everywhere and it’s not as warm and cosy as the movies make it out to be. Make sure to double check before booking a hot tub log cabin that you are booking a quality property from a trusted company. You may be keen to book the cheapest cabin you can find, but if you do, you may find yourself being very disappointed with the quality and it could ruin the whole experience for you. Our advice here at Hotels with Hot Tubs is to check out TripAdvisor.com or a similar ‘hotel rating’ site to find out what the best deals are and which log cabins with hot tubs are actually quality and well maintained.

2. Find out how far you are going to be away from civilization. Why? Because if you are booking a log cabin with a whirlpool that’s tens of miles away from a village or town, then you need to be able to plan ahead. Obviously if you are very far from a supermarket, then you should bring enough food with you to last a week, so that you are not spending half your vacation driving to pick up groceries. You should also have a number for a doctor and know where the closest hospital is in case one of you has an accident and needs medical attention.

3. Finally, if you are planning a romantic getaway to a log cabin with a hot tub, then make sure that your loved one likes the outdoors and being with away from the hustle and bustle of a town or city.

And there you have it guys, hopefully everything you need to know about booking log cabins with hot tubs so that you have a fun, relaxing and enjoyable time on your vacation. For more great tips on vacations, hotels with jacuzzi in room and jacuzzi suites, check out the Hotels with Hot Tubs homepage

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