Leipzig – Jacuzzi Hotels

Are you looking for a luxury hotel or jacuzzi hotel in Leipzig? If yes then you must stay at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Leipzig. This hotel is a business hotel in Central Leipzig in Germany. The hotel can be easily located as it is situated in front of the Opera. It is also just a few minutes’ walk from the Madlerpassage and also a tiny walk away from the main church which is well known for its Choir. It is not very far from the main train station and is located in the city centre. The airport is also close by and this hotel has posh interiors to offer to its guests.

The hotel has facilities such as a bar and a grill restaurant as well as many other understated features such as jacuzzi suites. The grill restaurant is very famous and people love coming here because of the pleasant and elegant environment. Many business meetings are conducted in the hotel because of it’s great conference facilities. They have their own business meeting and conference rooms which have all the amenities like high speed internet and LCD TV sets for video calling and video conferencing. You will definitely enjoy this luxury and a comfortable stay in the Radisson Blu hotel in Leipzig is almost always guaranteed.

Another luxury hotel in Leipzig is the Hotel Mercure Leipzig am Johannisplatz. The hotel has beautiful décor and interiors and it is so well located that it offers a brilliant view of the surroundings. All major tourist sites are located in close proximity to the hotel. The Opera and the concert hall are also very close to the hotel. When you do arrive back after a day of sightseeing you can then relax in a your hot tub in your hotel room. They have a very warm and welcoming staff who are always ready to help. The spa and jacuzzi tubs the hotel is wonderful and absolutely necessary if you have had a busy and tiring day outside. The restaurants are comfortable and cosy with mouth watering food items.

The Astral Inn is another luxury hotel in Leipzig. Even though the hotel is luxurious and fit for a king, hotel prices are very moderate and affordable even if you are considering booking a hot tub suite. If you want to explore the downtown you will reach it in 10 minutes only from this hotel. The hotel has many tourists and business travellers round the year. The hotel is housed in a modern building that boasts of beautiful and posh décor. They have their own restaurants, high speed internet in the rooms which is accessible in the public areas of the rooms as well.

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