Kentucky – Hot Tub Hotels

Kentucky is an amazing to place to spend time in with your friends, family or loved ones if you decide to stay in a hot tub hotel. If you have a lot of time on your plate while you are on a business trip or if you want to do a tour of Kentucky then you must prepare a list of things to do in Kentucky. Kentucky offers tourists many different and exciting activities. There is something for all kinds of tastes and likes whether you decide on a budget accommodation or a jacuzzi hotel. You can go to zoo with your children, visit old historical sites and stroll along the old parks to enjoy the warm evenings.

One of the most famous and peculiar places to visit in Kentucky is the Down Under. They have many tourists coming to this place and those who come to visit Kentucky definitely visit the Down Under. Well, you are probably wondering what exactly is this “Down Under”? The Kentucky Down Under is an Australian themed National Park of animals especially for kids. If your kids feel that they are not enjoying the vacation then you must definitely take them to this place. They organize various activities for your kids and for other age groups too. This is one place that should be on your top of things to do list when you are in Kentucky. Your kids will definitely enjoy this even if they are not happy with staying in a hot tub hotel.

One more place of interest is the Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill. You should definitely try to make it to this place when you plan on going to Kentucky. It is undoubtedly the largest historic community that still exists in the United States of America. Everyone who comes here once wants to come here again and again. Every visitor here gets a chance to live the past and get a whiff of the times their ancestors lived in.

You not only get to enjoy the scenic beauty and the simplicity of the village but you also get a chance to shop also. The village has its own stores of handicrafts. These items are not at all that expensive and you must at least purchase a souvenir to take back home. If you want live in this village for a day or two then accommodation arrangements can also be made for you and your family, but just remember that you probably won’t find a hotels with a hot tub here.

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