Kansas City – Jacuzzi Hotels

Kansas City is the largest city in Missouri. KC is another famous name for the city which is quite popular amongst tourists the world over. The city has an historic background and has witnessed many battles during the civil war.  It is famous for the music and its own cuisine like barbecue.

There are quite a few hotels in Kansas City some of which offer jacuzzi suites while some of them do not offer rooms with hot tub suites. The city offers you the most expensive hotels as well as medium and budget hotels for tourists. The city even has some bed and breakfast places where you are just taking one bed for the night along with the breakfast in the morning.  If you are traveling continuously then this option is quite cheap for you.

It is advisable to take a hotel which is in the middle of the city as it can be convenient to move from one place to another easily.

If you are planning your honeymoon in Kansas City then you should try hotels with jacuzzi in room in places like Colby, Salina and Dodge City which are known as romantic destinations.

Dodge City is the place which has been always favorite by the tourists.  It is not only romantic destination but can be called as the place for adventure as well as the historic place.

Thuderbird Motel is the most popular hotel /motel of the Kansas City.  The service here is good and staff is customer friendly.  Although there are not a lot of rooms available with hot tubs and jacuzzi tubs. There are hardly any complaints from the customers as far as staff is concerned.  The hotel is not new but it is clean and no customer has ever mentioned any point related to untidiness of the hotel. The positioning of the hotel is convenient for traveling in Kansas City and this can be the main reason why many people choose this hotel.  In short it is value for money hotel.

If you are looking for a luxury stay in Kansas City then you can try the famous 3 star to 5 star hotels in Kansas City which offers you all the required services for making your stay more luxurious like spa options, a swimming pool and ample parking space.  Some hotels pick you up from the airport and drop you back by the end of your stay.  Some hotels offer bar and casino options. Different hotels offer different services to you but not all the hotels will allow your pets to stay.

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