Japan – Hotels With Jacuzzi In Room

Japan is one of the wealthiest countries in Asia and a great place to stay if you are looking for a hotel with jacuzzi in room. Today Japan is one of the strongest economies of the world.  Initially it had the eastern influence but today you can find many things related to western culture in Japan.  There are many things to do in Japan and you must experience these things when you are there.

If you are part of Europe and America and would not like to live without the facilities which you get in western countries then you can visit Tokyo which has many big hotels with hot tubs in room and nightclubs that will make sure you are not going to miss your own country. However if you have come to Tokyo specially to enjoy the eastern culture then do not go to big hotels and eat burgers and hot dogs. There are many things that are oriented to Japanese culture that you can enjoy. It will surely be an experience which is new to you and will be an experience you will remember for many days.

The climate of Japan allows you to enjoy everything in all the seasons except skiing which will be available only in winter.  In the north region of Honshu Island there are many big resorts for skiing as well as a good few log cabins with hot tubs to stay at.

Spring is the main season in Japan that attracts and many flower related activities can be done in Japan during that season.  Many flower festivals are in these seasons and even tourists can take part in it.  If you want to enjoy many festivals in Japan then before you visit Japan, you should find out the exact dates of these festivals.  Plum blossoms festivals, cherry blossoms festivals, Sakura flower festival, girl’s festival where everybody prays for the Japanese girls and boy’s festivals where everybody prays for the boys.

There are around 1000 beaches in Japan and if you want to take part in beach activities then you can go to one of the many beaches to spend your vacation.  Boating, fishing, rafting, camping are the common beach activities here.

Mt. Fuji is the famous mountain in Japan. July to September is the climbing season here.  Climbing Mt. Fuji can be one of the most fun things to do in Japan.

Dining in Japan is different from the western countries.  Japanese food has evolved over a period of many years.  They make many things from rice and noodles in their daily meal an traditional food can be found in most hotels with jacuzzi suites. Fish is also part of their staple diet.  Sushi is the famous Japanese food which you might get in any of the Japanese Restaurants even outside Japan. Trying Japanese food everyday in small Japanese joints should give you new experiences that you will truly enjoy. Do not forget to try their sweet dishes like Wagashi, dogashi, yogashi and okashi.

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