Jamaica – Jacuzzi Hotels

The apple of Columbus’s eyes, Jamaica is one of the larger islands of the West Indies and boast many popular hotels, some of which have jacuzzi suites.  The things that will dazzle you most are its coral white coastlines, powerfully moving waves and exotic environment.  Divided into the North and South coasts, Jamaica is full of wonders for anyone willing to explore them.  Accommodation and food is plenty and varied, so that it meets individual budgets.

Kingston, Jamaica’s capital city is a cultural hub and offers so much for the tourist to see.  The National Gallery of Arts, Hope Botanical Gardens, The White Marl Arawak Museum all offer unique sights for new comers.  These places are full of color, culture and history which will make sure your morning passes by in an instant.  For the afternoon, a trip to Crafts Market on King Street is sure to liven up your holiday shopping with gifts for everyone back home.  For those who like to splurge, the Caymanas Park is a racetrack where betting takes place on horses on Saturdays and Wednesdays. While some may find the warm weather a deterrent to booking a hotel with in room jacuzzi, you will will find that there is still a fairly high demand for hot tub suites.

If you’re interested in architecture then a ride to Spanish Town is sure to catch your fancy.  Playing a game of golf, relaxing and citrus tasting is a good option when taking respite from the Jamaican sun at Mandeville.  For people and couples who like to get adventurous, the Lover’s Leap in the Santa Cruz Mountains offers a breathtaking view of the Southern coastline with a bubbling mineral bath at the Milk River Spa. It may seem like there is much to see but not enough time after a day spent like this!

Montego Bay is one of Jamaica’s largest thriving tourist markets, with many beaches, caves and markets lined up one after the other to insure tourists get a taste of the real Jamaican life.  This can be exciting as history is interwoven in the local architecture and culture of the people.  If you’re a bird lover, or even if not, the beauty of exotic Mango Hummingbird will astound you at the Rocklands Feeding Station.  A tour of coconut and banana plantations through the lush forests is irreplaceable as well as educational.  Occasional tasting sessions at the Appleton Rum Factory are sure to leave you coming back for more.

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