Jacuzzi Suites for your Honeymoon – They rock!

If you think that jacuzzi suites for your honeymoon are a good idea, then you are absolutely right! Some people may tell you that they are a bit cheesy. If so, then chances are that they are thinking of some corny hotel room from the seventies with shag carpet and mirrors on the ceiling. Hotels that have hot tubs in their rooms these days are not cheesy at all. In fact they can be quite romantic.

However, before you go ahead and book a hotel with jacuzzi suite, you want first make sure that you get a good deal. So take a little time to research online what are the best hotels with jacuzzi in room. Important factors to look at are:

1. Is the hotel close to fun things to do on our honeymoon (restaurants, caf├ęs, entertainment)?

2. What is the star rating of the hotel? Nobody wants to stay in a three star hotel for their honeymoon, so try and make sure that it’s at least a 4 star hotel.

3. Are the rooms cleaned regularly? If you are using the jacuzzi in your room regularly, then it’s important that it’s cleaned regularly so as to prevent build up of limescale and other nasty things.

So definitely make sure to keep these 2 tips in the front of your mind when searching for a jacuzzi suites. Once you have booked the room, there are a few final things to take of. These will make your hubby or wife truly happy.

1. Organize with the staff of the hotel for them to put rose petals on your bed and around the hot tub in you room.

2. Bring a few tea lights with you (they are super-cheap) and go upstairs to your jacuzzi suite before your partner to light them (make sure that they are not close to anything flammable) to create a romantic feeling.

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