Jacuzzi Hotels – Florida

Thinking of staying in a jacuzzi hotel in Florida? The team here at hotels with hot tubs think it’s a great idea, Florida is a really fantastic area. On top of this there are just so many attractions and things to do in Florida that you will just never get bored.

Most people never really consider the most northerly city in Florida, Jacksonville as it has so few attractions besides their football team, the Jaguars. But if you travel further down the coast you will come across many cities and towns that are truly fantastic to stay at.

Take Miami for instance. Not only is it incredibly well known for clubbing and being one of the best party cities in the USA, it’s also got great weather and a fantastic coastline. So when you are not living it up and partying in one of Miami’s many famous clubs or relaxing back at your hotel with jacuzzi suite in room, you can stroll along many of Miami’s long beaches.

But Miami is not for everyone, especially if you have a group of kids to look after (in fact Miami is really only good if you are aged 18 – 40). Fortunately there are still many great places to go on holiday in Florida. Take amazing Orlando for instance. This is probably the best place in the entire world for kids. It just has so many theme parks. Most people associate Orlando with Walt Disney theme parks. Luckily though there is more than just Walt Disney theme parks in Orlando. There is Universal Studios, Wet n’ Wild (a really fun water park) and of course the Epcot center.

So Miami and Orlando are probably not for everyone, which is fine as there are a lot more great places to stay at jacuzzi hotels in Florida. There is Daytona Beach, Key West and Fort Lauderdale  to name a few. Just remember that Florida is a very hot and humid place, so Hotels with Hot Tubs would like to remind you to remember to take sunscreen!

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