Israel – Hotels With Jacuzzi In Room

When visiting a new destination, there are a few factors that must be kept in mind.  This travel guide is concise and is designed to make sure your journey is enjoyable with key points included to make sure you’re on course no matter where you stay, be it a fancy jacuzzi hotel or a cheap hostel.  Without visiting these places the true essence of Israel will not be experienced and as they say, the best way to see any country is to submerge oneself in its varieties.  For the commencement of your tour it is important that you set aside time for viewing the major cities of Jerusalem, Haifa, Safed and Herzliya.

The first major concern every tourist has is about the means of transportation.  Whether you arrive at Eilat Airport, Ben Gurion Airport, Ovda Airport or Dov Hoz Tel Aviv Airport, the best mode of transport is a taxi as it’s a lot more flexible than getting the bus. Buses aren’t a good option for a first time tourist as the normal hustle and bustle of the city can become overwhelming. The train from the Ben Gurion airport to Tel Aviv is a good option for a lone tourist as it is situated at quite a distance from the main terminal.

One of the biggest cities in Israel is Jerusalem, and no vacation is complete without exploring its ancient roads. The Heichal Hasefer, one of the buildings housed in the Jerusalem Museum, displays old scriptures that were first discovered in Israel.  Finding a decent eatery will never be a problem anywhere in Israel as street food is extremely popular there, as well as the most cost efficient.  Some delicacies that are a must try are the Falafel, Tunisian sandwich, Shawarma and Sabich.  All these are available for around 10-15 NIS, which is very economical. While it’s very warm in the summer which will probably rule out staying in a hotels with hot tubs in room the winter is a lot colder and you will find it better to stay in a hotel with jacuzzi suite.

For those sea lovers, the best place to surf in Israel is at Herzliya where the waves are perfect for surfers from beginner to very advanced, who will definitely get a thrill out of riding those waves. This is also a very picturesque picnic spot for families with children as well.  The Hatachana complex, more popularly known as The Station is a massive shopping complex that was first opened in 2010.  This unique complex is one of the most visited places in Tel Aviv and offers everything from shopping outlets, to restaurants as well a host of local markets – the best way to get the real Israeli feeling. For more great information make sure to check the Hotels With Hot Tubs homepage regularly.

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