Ireland – Jacuzzi Hotels

The land of Guinness and leprechauns is a wonderful and fun place to holiday at. The team here at hot tub hotels would strongly recommend staying in a hotel with jacuzzi so that after a long night of drinking you can relax and get the hangover to wear off by lounging in a comfortable whirlpool of luxury.

So when you are not drinking Guinness and whiskey and sitting in a jacuzzi, what else is there to do in Ireland??? Well first of all, the capital Dublin is great fun. There is the Guinness storehouse and Jameson whiskey distillery in Dublin where you can see how they make the alcohol that you were drinking the night before. But alcohol doesn’t have to be the only reason you visit Ireland. There is also a wealth of non alcohol related activities to do there.

If you are staying in Dublin, you may consider going to visit Trinity College Dublin, Ireland’s leading university. It’s over 500 years old and houses the Book of Kells, an ancient religious manuscript.

But you don’t just have to stay in your jacuzzi hotel in Dublin. You may want to travel further afield and see what the more rural areas of Ireland have to offer. The ring of Kerry is truly breathtaking. On it you will see what rural Ireland is truly like on top of seeing the Burren which is a sort of solid rock desert. There is no sand or pebbles to see there, just solid limestone. Afterward you’ll be able to take in the breathtaking views of the Atlantic atop the 800 feet high Cliffs of Moher.

Just south of Dublin is County Wicklow, also known as the garden of Ireland, where you can see the wonderful gardens and St. Kevin’s Monastery.

All in all, Ireland is a fantastic place to holiday at. The great thing about it is that you can see most of it in a very short amount of time. For more great tips and advice on traveling and getting a really good hotel with jacuzzi in room, make sure to check out the hotels with hot tubs homepage.

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