India – Hotels With Jacuzzi Suites

India has adventure, romance and opportunities around every corner. Home to the first civilization, to the golden era of the Guptas, to the Mughals who built some of our worlds greatest architectural marvels. Home to an array of religions, cultures and people. India is an incredible experience especially if you decide to stay in a hotel with jacuzzi suites. Bombay has all the skyscrapers of a city with all the hospitality of a small village. Delhi home to power and politics has an ego larger than any other. Capped by the Himalayas, rain for four straight months, rivers running all through the country. There is something for everyone in India.

Built entirely from marble located in Agra,  the Taj Mahal could be considered to be the most romantic gesture a man has ever made for a woman. It is the Golden Temple sacred to Sikhs but the pride of every Indian. It shines beautifully even when there are no lights on it. The Ajanta and Ellora Caves date back to 100 BC, beautifully carved using a hammer and a chisel into 30 simple caves. These are just some of the sights that you should leave your hotel with hot tub in room to go and see.

The Lakshwadeep Islands in the Indian Ocean are a beautiful beach haven unlike any other surrounded by pristine blue waters. The Andaman and Nicobar Islands are a group of 572 islets. Home to exotic and rare flora and fauna surrounded by the water of the Bay of Bengal.

Rowing on Kerela’s backwaters while eating delicious fried banana is another fantastic experience you should try to undertake while you are in India. Nainital and Manali provide you with a vision of snow capped mountains with romantic hill stations. India has been the most coveted place to go for centuries. The French, the Dutch and the British all fought to colonize India.

India has something for everyone in cities filled with beautiful night clubs and jacuzzi hotel, villages filled with expanses of green fields. Architectural monuments sprinkled around every corner. Udaipur’s Lake Palace and City Palace are dream locations for your dream wedding. The Ranthambore Sanctuary is home to some of the worlds most amazing animals.

India offers hospitable cities, historical monuments and spicy food in every color known to man. India’s crowning jewel however is the people. India has an array of people so diverse yet every one of them is unified in a feeling of hospitality whether you are staying in a budget hostel or a hotel with a jacuzzi in the room. It doesn’t matter where in India you go as there will always be someone waiting there with welcoming arms. Whatever you decide to do on your journey through India you have the guarantee that it will be and unforgettable one.

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