Iceland – Hotels With Hot Tubs

There are many tourist attractions in Iceland and among them is the Blue lagoon which is one of the most visited tourist spots in Iceland. It is like the ultimate natural jacuzzi as it is heated by geothermal springs. The reason behind the popularity of this place is that it is a body of intensely turquoise water surrounded by black volcanic rock. If you want to swim in the Blue Lagoon then it is possible and the temperature of water is about 40 C which is 104 F. This water has curative powers as it is very rich in minerals. You can enjoy a swim in these waters with your friends, family or loved ones. People who love jacuzzi suites will love the Blue Lagoon.

If you want to explore nature in Iceland then you should go to the Nature Reserve called Dorsmork. There are many famous nature reserves in Iceland but the best one is Dorsmork and if you are in Iceland then you should definitely not miss it. In the Reykjavik region there is about 300 square kilometers consisting only of natural wilderness and if you are someone who wants to trek and explore the region then you are in luck because this place definitely offers a challenge to its hikers. You will be treated with some of the most beautiful landscapes, round fields, canyons, amazing flora and scenic views which are even today inspirations for several artists and painters. You’ll be glad that you booked a hotel with a hot tub in the room when you return from your trekking in the cold to.

This valley of Dorsmork in Iceland has been rated as the most appealing and beautiful valleys among all the natural reserves of this country. Iceland is naturally beautiful and to add to this beauty are the exotic waterfalls. The country has a number of waterfalls spread in different parts and to many they are like a magical world. You might think that they are all the same but you have to see it to believe that each and ever single waterfall of this country is different in its own way and has a distinct charm. Every waterfall you visit will be distinctly remembered in your mind. The names of some of the waterfalls are Selfoss, Gulfoss and Aldeyjarfoss to name a few

The western part of the country hosts waterfalls such as the Hraunfossar, Barnafoss and the Fjallfoss. The highest waterfall in the whole of Iceland is the Hvalfjorour. Among all the tourist attractions in Iceland the waterfalls are a favorite of the tourists. The feel of the cool water that is surrounded by nature is truly spectacular. For more tips and tricks about jacuzzi hotels, make sure to check out the homepage.

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