Ibiza – Hotels With Hot Tubs In Room

Ibiza is a beautiful island usually associated with hardcore partying. That’s exactly why we decided to profile it here on hotels with hot tubs. Nothing beats coming home after a long night of partying, climbing into your in room jacuzzi and unwinding! But there are more activities than just sitting in your hotel jacuzzi and going out late at night in Ibiza.

As it’s located in the Mediterranean, you would be right to guess that it has a very agreeable climate. Hot in the summer and mild in the winter. This is exactly what makes it so nice to holiday in. Obviously the first thing you are probably thinking of is laying down by the beach and just relaxing. That’s a good start, but don’t forget that there is a lot of other things you could be doing on top of this.

Take diving for instance. The water surrounding Ibiza is both warm and clear. Perfect! There are also some very interesting wrecks close to Ibiza port which complete the experience. Unfortunately though some people get a little claustrophobic when diving and it’s just not their thing. They prefer other activities.

No problem. There really is tons to do in Ibiza. You can go to any of the many boat rentals and go for a sail or even rent some windsurfing equipment from San Antonio beach or one of the other beaches located nearby. Or maybe you are more of a thrill seeker and would prefer something with more of a rush to it, like going on a power boat or going parasailing behind a powerboat. Then after all that adrenaline, you can come back and lounge in your hotel room with jacuzzi.

Obviously it would be bad form to leave out the most important part of Ibiza…and that’s the clubbing part! Some of the best clubs in the world reside in Ibiza. Space, Pacha and Eden are probably the most well known clubs, but there are tons of other really well known clubs there too.

All in all, Ibiza is a really fun place to be if you are a younger (under 40) traveler who likes to party it and then take it easy in a hot tub afterwards. For more great tips on hotel with jacuzzi in room make sure to check out the Hotels with Hot Tubs homepage.

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