Hotel Tips and Vacation Advice for Dallas

If you are planning on traveling to Dallas for you vacation, then you are in for a treat. The team here at hotels with hot tubs loves this southern city and feel that it is definitely worth a visit.

The first great attraction worth noting is the Texas State Fair, which is held every year in Dallas, usually around fall/autumn. There is a massive range of activities at the fair that you can get up to, so definitely consider coming to Texas and booking a hotel around that time.

If you are not from the south, then this next suggestion is something you really must try…watching a rodeo. For some people, they might be a little squemish or not want to see animals in a show, but it truly is spectacular seeing someone trying to keep their balance on top of a bull that is simply massive.

Another cool place to go visit is the Nasher Sculpture Center. It houses a massive array of incredibly cool and sometimes funky sculptures.

If you are not a fan of hot weather and (sometimes) intense heat, then you may find that Dallas is a little too hot for your tastes. So think twice about booking your hotel room. You obviously should try and book a room with air conditioning, but you shouldn’t worry too much about booking an in room jacuzzi suite. Think about it, if you have spent the whole day sitting in the sun, sweating, the last thing you are going to want to do is come back to a hot jacuzzi. Obviously you may feel different in the winter months, but during the summer, booking a hotel with jacuzzi in room is almost always not a good idea. It’s also a potential waste of money.

For more vacation advice and tips on hotels with jacuzzi in your room, check out the Hotels with Hot Tubs homepage.

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