Hot Tub Suites

Nothing beats hot tub suites for relaxing and unwinding after a long day of work or a conference. Not many people know about the benefits of booking a hotel with jacuzzi in room. The first and most obvious is that you can get a great rate if you stay during the mid week (Tuesday – Thursday), but to be honest, that can be said for any hotel.

One thing you should make sure to check before booking your hot tub suite is what type of jacuzzi it is. Sometimes hotels advertise hot tub suites on their sites, but when you actually get to your room, you find out that you haven’t got the jacuzzi you were hoping for, but instead are stuck with a large bath and some whirlpool jets. If you are okay with a bath instead of a proper jacuzzi, then it’s not a biggie, but if you will only be satisfied with a fully fledged jacuzzi, then make sure to call the hotel to confirm what it is exactly that you are getting.

So you are getting a jacuzzi suite, great. But (and it is a big but) where exactly is this located in the room? Is it in a tiny room with no windows or is it overlooking a great and picturesque vista? Obviously having a nice view is important if you want to enjoy your time relaxing in you hot tub suite. Hint: Also check to see if there is a TV close by.

Next up, you need to see what is included when booking your jacuzzi suite. Do you get free bubble bath and a good mini bar selection or were you lured in by the jacuzzi and now that’s all there is?

Remember when booking a jacuzzi suite that there is more to getting a good deal than just the hot tub! For more great tips on hotels with jacuzzi in room make sure to check out the Hotels with Hot Tubs homepage.

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