Hot Tub Hotels In The UK

The team here at Hotels With Hot Tubs would like to strongly encourage you to consider booking a suite with jacuzzi in room if you are thinking of traveling to the UK, especially if it is during the winter time. Unlike a lot of countries, the United Kingdom can be quite damp and cold depending on the season. This is especially true if you are doing outdoor activities like hiking or any type of water sports as nothing beats coming back to a nice warm jacuzzi after a long day in the cold!

Recommended activities in the UK – A lot of people traveling to the UK plan their trip ahead of time, while other like to see ‘what happens’. This is a quick guide to some of the best things you can do while holidaying in the UK.

1. Go to London. London is the capital of England. Not only does it house the parliament, it also has a number of fantastic tourist attractions. The London eye is a great way to get a nice view of the city. Just make sure you don’t go on a muggy day, as the view will be impaired. Their are many museums and art galleries too, such as the Tate modern and Imperial War Muesum. You should also try to visit Kew gardens if you get a chance.

2. Check out the Eden Project in Cornwall. It is the largest greenhouse in the world. Although it’s not actually made of glass and is a series of massive bubbles that interconnect. It is truly breathtaking.

3. Go to Edinburgh. Edinburgh is in Scotland and is a beautiful old town that has many festivals throughout the year including the Edinburgh Fringe festival and Hogmanay (basically just an excuse to get drunk and have a party!).

4. See the cliffs of Dover. These amazing cliffs are white in color due to the fact they are made entirely of chalk.

This guide is very brief, but it gives you a good idea of what you can do when vacationing in the UK. For great tips on everything from traveling to finding great prices on hotels with jacuzzi in your room, make sure to check out the Hotels with Hot Tubs homepage

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