Glasgow – Hotels With Jacuzzi Suites

Glasgow is well known to be the home for some of the finest museums in Scotland. Glasgow has preserved the history and culture of Scotland. Being such an important cultural junction, Glasgow attracts thousands of tourists every single year. Here is a list of hotels in the city, some of which have jacuzzi suites. These hotels are not only known for good features and facilities, but also for their affordable rates.

Kelvingrove Hotel – One of the highlights of Glasgow is the fact that finding a good hotel which is offering a room for about 60 Pounds is very easy. Kelvingrove hotel is one of the most popular hotels for its affordable prices. The hotel is located right in the heart of the city and hence traveling to different corners of Glasgow is extremely easy. The hotel has been awarded a four star rating for the kind of facilities it offers to the guests and also for the kind of hospitality it is known for. You would get a single bed room for as low as 50Pounds per day. A twin bed room is also available at a price of 60 Pounds per day. These prices are extremely affordable looking at the kind of facilities the hotel offers. This hotel is not particularly well known for being a hotel with hot tubs in room.

Acorn Hotel – This hotel is also located in the middle of the city. The city centre is just a short walk away from the hotel. It offers free parking facilities to it’s guests. The hotel premises are also equipped with wireless internet connection and hence you can stay connected to the world all the time. This hotel is also very well known for its reasonable prices and has a few jacuzzi suites that you can stay in. You would get a single bed room for just about 45 Pounds. On the other hand, twin bed room is available at a price of 60 Pounds.

Townhouse Hotel – This is probably one of the cheapest hotels you would come across in the entire city, taking into consideration the kind of amenities and facilities it has on offer. You would get a single room for as low as 25 Pounds and a twin room for just about 50 Pounds.

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