Genoa – Hotels With Jacuzzi

Genoa is one of the most picturesque cities in the world. It is also one of the biggest cities in Italy.The fact that Genoa is splendid in terms of its nature and beauty as well as having numerous hotels with jacuzzi suites, it has turned into one of the most desired holiday destinations in the past few decades. The city has also come up with some fine hotels in order to make sure that every individual visiting this lovely city has a comfortable and fun stay and goes back with happy memories.

Sheraton Hotel – This hotel is located extremely close to the Carlo Felice Theatre and has a number hot tub suites in the hotel. Most of the attractions of Genoa are extremely close to the hotel and hence you would not have to invest too much time to move to and from the hotel. The area around the hotel is extremely well known for housing some of the best museums. The Hotel is not too far away from the international airport also and hence is a perfect option even if you are on a business trip. Each room inside the hotel is well equipped with all the modern facilities. Make sure to ask about the jacuzzi suites!

Columbus Sea Hotel – This hotel is centrally located and hence is preferred by many tourists. It would hardly take you few minutes from the hotel to reach some of the biggest destinations and attractions of Genoa. One of these attractions is the Opera House which is located just minutes away from this wonderful hotel. One of the highlights of this hotel is the fact that it allows you to bring your pets to stay. Apart from being pet friendly, the hotel also offers some of the best amenities on top of a decent selection of jacuzzi suites. If you are one of those who often has to stay in hotels, you will instantly realize that this hotel offers a lot more than what some of the others do. Another highlight of the hotel is that every room has its own minibar and hence you can even plan to have a nice romantic evening with your loved one.

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