Finland – Hotels With Hot Tub In Room

Finland is one of the best countries in the Northern Europe.  Till 1950 the main occupation here was agriculture but currently it is one of the most economically and industrially advanced countries in the world. It is also a truly wonderful place to visit and stay in a hotel with a hot tub in room.

Finland is famous for winter activities as in winter the lakes and rivers freeze.  Downhill skiing is one of the most popular sports in Finland.  There are more than 100 downhill skiing resorts in Finland which means that there is a ton of variety. In southern Finland, January and February are the skiing months whereas for Central and Northern Finland December to March is the ideal time for skiing.

Hanko, Helsinki or Kotka are famous for sailing but it is meant for the experienced sailors only.  If you do not have any experience in sailing then you can attend some crash courses on sailing where you will get up to speed very quickly. It’s really nice to be staying at a hotel with in room jacuzzi if you are sailing in Finland, as afterward you can warm up in the hot bubbly water!

All of us today are aware of the wonderful effects of saunas. Well the term “Sauna” was introduced by Finland to the world.  In Finland every small corner will offer you this facility.  You can combine it with Spa if you like.  Some of the clubs are specially designed for the sauna and can be beneficial for the health. This is why staying in a hotel with jacuzzi in room in Finland is quite common.

If you are interested in sports then golf, horse riding and swimming are some activities you can choose. Fishing, cycling and canoeing are some of the other fun things to do in Finland. Finland has around 30 national parks and 65 percent of the Finland is still a forest so there are plenty of wildlife activities for you to do in Finland.  This makes Finland one of the most beautiful and green countries of the world, although during the summer, it may seems a little whiter.  There are seven national hiking areas which gives you awesome hiking experience also.  All these areas offer you accommodation and all the other recreational activities as well. For more great tips about vacations and hotels with hot tubs, make sure to check out the hotels with hot tubs in room homepage.

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