Essen – Hotels With Jacuzzi In Room

Essen is considered to be the eight largest city in Germany. Like many of the other cities of Germany, Essen too has a rich history associated with mining and industrialization. Essen witnesses loads of tourists every single year as the city is known for its cultural values as well as hotels with jacuzzi tubs in room.Here is a list of some of the best hotels in Essen, so of which are jacuzzi hotels.

Sheraton Essen Hotel – One of the highlights of this hotel is the fact that it is located extremely close to the city centre and hence a short walk is good enough for you to reach it from the hotel. The central railway station is also very close to the hotel making traveling extremely easy and pleasant. The hotel offers wireless internet right across it. Apart from this, it is also equipped with a gym, sauna and spa which has a few hot tubs you can use.

The Atlantic Congress Hotel – The is another hotel located in the prime area of the city with the main train station just 5 minutes away and the U-Bahn just 2 minutes away. One of the highlights of this hotel is the fact that it offers all the possible modern amenities that you could think of from hotel rooms with jacuzzi to just about anything else you could think of.

Hotel Bredeney – The hotel is located right in the middle of the Bredeney suburb and this is certainly evident from its name. It is one of the most popular hotels in Essen and has a number of rooms with jacuzzi tubs in them. The hotel is very well known for the kind of furniture it has got in every room. The furniture reflects the true culture of Germany.

City Hotel Essen – This hotel is located very close to the University of Essen. One of the highlights of this hotel is that it offers local transport to all its guests. This gives you an opportunity to visit every corner of the city without worrying too much about transport. The hotel has got a sauna and it does not charge its guests to use it. Every room is large in size. It has got huge sized windows that offer a picturesque view of the city.

So make sure you check into one of these hotels and have a great stay in Essen. For more tips and information about hotels with jacuzzi suites check out the Hotels With Hot Tubs homepage.

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