England – UK – Jacuzzi Hotel Suites

England is a fantastic place to visit on vacation. It boasts a massive array of fascinating attractions and things to do. It is also the perfect place to stay in a jacuzzi hotel suite as it’s cold in the winter and not terribly warm in the summer. You’ll find it nice to come back to after a day in England’s often very changeable weather.

So you’ve arrived in England, you’ve booked yourself into a beautiful 5 star hotel with jacuzzi tub…..now what? Well it’s simple, you need to get out and about and see the rich history of England. If you are staying in London, which is probably the most popular destination for people traveling to England, then you need to stay in one of the brand name hotels in the city centre such as the Hilton, Marriott or Four Seasons. On the other hand you may be more interested in staying at a truly British hotel such as Claridges or The Savoy. We may sound a little partisan here, but you should really consider staying in a hotel with a hot tub in room if you are staying in one of London’s luxury hotels.

Once you have your accommodation sorted out, you now need to start seeing the sights. Rather than seeing the same old sights that most people recommend, you may be more interested in truly lapping up some of England’s culture. Try getting tickets to a football match at Arsenal or Wimbledon or even Wembly stadium. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, you may be interested in some of the more historical sights London has to offer such as the Tower of London or Westminster Abbey which is right beside the House of Lords and the House of Commons, the seat of the British parliament.

We hope that you get the most out of your trip to England and stay in a nice hotel with jacuzzi. For more tips and advice on travel and booking a hotel with jacuzzi in room, check out the hotels with hot tubs homepage or check out this article on things to do in London.

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