Croatia – Hotels With In Room Jacuzzi

Croatia is a wonderful place to visit that is totally worth the money, time and effort. This is doubly true if you decide to stay in a hotels with in room jacuzzi. The Trogir and the inland waterfalls of this place are breath taking. The roads of this place are also in very good condition which promises a very comfortable journey. You might feel that in some parts of Croatia the hotels are scarce but you will find a very hospitable staff in all the hotels whether you are staying in a regular hotel or a hotel with hot tub suites. The hotels of Croatia serve mouthwatering vegetarian meals. If you are planning a trip to this place then you will need to be aware of a few travel tips for Croatia. You need to make a list of things you will need and you should also go through the basic information about the country before traveling.

If you are someone who smokes then you need to know that smoking is generally accepted but it might not be allowed in public buildings, in certain places and also on public transportation. You will also not be allowed to take pictures in certain public places. You can travel to Croatia by sea, Eurorail and by air. You can also enter the country by road. You should also know the traffic rules. The traffic drives on the right and there is an extensive network of highways and motorways. There are bus stations as well for local transport.

If you want to save money then avoid expensive accommodations there are many cheap options available in Croatia. Instead of going for a 4 star hotel or a 5 star hotel that has a luxury jacuzzi suites, opt for a 2 star hotel or a 3 star hotel instead. You can definitely compromise on luxuries but not on sightseeing when you visit Croatia. Choose hotels that have the necessary amenities and one that fits your budget. You can also compromise on the shopping bit.

Also check the weather before you leave. A weather check should be on the top of your list of travel tips for Croatia. It is important because you should carry clothes that are suitable to the climate. You should also travel light. In order to travel light you can wear the heaviest pair of shoes while traveling and you must avoid carrying more than two pairs. Use 1 cloth item for two purposes like shorts which can be used as swimming trunks as well. Also do not forget to carry medicines and first aid kit items with you.

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