Cottages with Hot Tubs

If you are looking for something a little bit different for your next holiday/vacation, then you should start considering cottages with hot tubs, especially during the summer time. Think about it? It’s like one of those hidden ideas, that no one ever seems to mention.

First of all, renting a house or a cottage with a jacuzzi is great if you are not into those city holidays/breaks that are very popular with people these days. The same goes if you are not keen on going to one of those places that is choc-full of drunk people (think Las Vegas or Ibiza). Instead you are able to get away from all the hustle and bustle and noise of these crowded places and relax in a cottage in the countryside. But even better, you have a whirlpool jacuzzi to chillout in. If you are going to be staying in an area that gets good weather, then it’s also a plus to try and make sure your hot tub is outside.

Secondly, cottages are usually quite private. Some people not only enjoy the peace and quiet of the countryside, but they also enjoy being secluded all away on their own without prying eyes or annoying neighbors to bother them.

Thirdly, hot tubs in the country are just so much more enjoyable. You’re not staring at some industrial skyline (or worse, the wall). If your jacuzzi is inside, it’s usually surrounded by glass so that you can see out into the country (but glass can sometimes fog up). Or even better, it’s outside so that you can see everything clearly, from the swaying trees to pretty flowers to butterflies.

Is staying in a cottage with a hot tub for you:

If you are thinking about booking a cottage with a jacuzzi then there are a few factors you should consider. Do you get bored easily? If you do then renting a cottage in the countryside, far away from civilization is going to get very boring, very quickly for you. Are you party-hearty or are you pretty chilled out and relaxed? If you are keen to party hard, then booking a cottage in the country may not be for you (unless it’s close to a town or city).

So, if you like the idea of being left alone and taking it easy, then renting a cottage with a hot tub is a great idea. Otherwise, steer clear.

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