Cologne – Hotels With Jacuzzi

Cologne, the fourth largest city in Germany is situated on the Rhine River. Being a main cultural centre, this city has a lot of tourists visiting throughout the year. There are large number of trade shows and exhibitions that take place in this city during the year. Further, being a city remodeled during the 1950s, it consists of both post-war and pre-war buildings. The archeological sites and museums are another attraction to the tourists as well as the numerous hotels with hot tubs.

It is an important city in Europe for media. Various important television shows and radio programs are made from Cologne. A festival called Cologne Comedy festival is conducted in the city, which is regarded as the biggest of all the comedy festivals in the city and one of the biggest in Germany.

With so many reasons for people moving in and out of the city, hotels in Cologne have been on the rise in the recent times. There are many hotels ranging from the simplest to excellent 5 star hotels, many of which are hotels with jacuzzi. A person has a choice of choosing from one of these many hotels, according to their needs and affordability. Many of these hotels are situated in the main places like near the train stations and the airports.

The most famous among the Hotels in Cologne is the Azimut Hotel. This hotel, which is merely a ten minute walk from the most important railway station in the city, is one of the best reviewed hotels in the city. The hotel has all the facilities in it like that of a gymnasium, sauna and also, large rooms with access to the internet. All the rooms are air-conditioned and each room is provided with a satellite cable television and also with Wi-Fi facility. Being located very close to the Media Park, it is a favorite place to stay for a lot of tourists. Moving around the city from this spot is also made very easy with the train station that is located close by.

Another favorite hotel is the Cologne Marriot hotel which is situated at a distance so as to be just a few minutes walk from the main station and the cathedral as well. The rooms in this hotel are grand and are equipped with the best televisions and have elegant furniture. You will also find some of the hotel rooms to have jacuzzi suites in them also. The most remarkable feature of the rooms of this hotel is that the windows are sound proof. This hotel also has several facilities like a gymnasium and a spa.

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