Chicago – Hotels with Jacuzzi

Chicago (or Chi-Town) is a fantastic and extraordinary city, home to none other than Kanye West. But it’s more than just the hometown of one of the world’s most famous rappers, it has a rich history and vibrant nightlife that makes it a fun place to vacation in, especially if you are staying in a jacuzzi hotel.

You’re probably wondering what exactly is on offer there. Well there are lots of things:

First take the sport. You can go see the Chicago Blackhawks, Chicago’s NHL team or the NBA team that Michael Jordan made famous, the Chicago Bulls. But that’s not all, Chicago is also the hometown of the Cubs, their Major League Baseball team and the Bears, their NFL team. So all in all, Chicago is a sports mad city. Every week, Chicago has one of their professional sports teams playing.

But not everybody is crazy about sport. Are you one of those people? Well fear not, there is plenty to do besides just watching sport. Chicago has a wide range of parks and gardens that you can visit, over 7,000 acres in total, so you will never get bored if you are a more horticulturaly inclined person. Jackson Park, Grant Park and the Lincoln Park Conservatory are just some of the most famous gardens in Chicago.

The nightlife is also hustling and bustling too. The Jet Vodka Lounge boasts well over 100 different types of vodka and is one of the cooler places to go to, while Hogs and Honeys is a little bit more relaxed with it’s mechanical bull providing great fun for all who dare to ride it.

One thing that everybody should consider doing is going to Six Flags. It is a fantastic theme park with tons of killer roller coasters to get your adrenaline rushing, something you should especially consider if all you’ve been doing is lounging around your jacuzzi the whole time you’ve been in Chicago.

We hope that you definitely consider traveling to Chicago for your next vacation as it truly stands tall against New York when you consider the great cities of America.

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