Canada – Hot Tub Suites

The world’s second largest country by land mass, Canada is one of the planet’s most scenic countries. It also boasts a number of fantastic hotels with hot tub suites to stay in for your vacation. On your visit to Canada, you can expect gorgeous mountain surroundings, amazing wildlife, crystal clean lakes and fresh air. There are plenty of interesting things to do here. Canada’s rich culture is similar to the United States with only few exceptions. However, you should know few important things if you are visiting the country for the first time. Here are few tourist tips that you can consider.

Plan your trip before you go on vacation. Make a list of places you want to visit and find out the hotels with jacuzzi and restaurants that suit your budget and offer the amenities you desire. You can search online to get good vacation ideas and information. In addition, you can visit Canada’s Official Tourism Website to find out more information on Canadian Tourism and travel tips.

Canada travel was greatly affected by the incident of 9/11. Previously one could enter in Canada with a photo ID and the proof of passport application. After September 30, 2007, a regular passport is required as per the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative to secure America’s border. Hence, you must require a passport to visit Canada. Children above 15 years of age also require passport and below 15 years can gain entry with their birth certificate. You should start the passport application process as early as possible.

Weather plays an important role in the vacation trip. Canada’s weather is almost same as the weather in United States and has four seasons. The winter comes early in Canada and is a little more severe. The months from October to March are considered the coldest months. So staying in a hot tub hotel during this time is highly advisable. If you travel during October to May, pack your baggage accordingly also.

Canada has two official languages English and French. English is the dominant language everywhere except Québec. In Québec, French is promoted as the main language. In many parts of the country, you will find bilingual speakers who speak both French and English. Beside English, knowing French will be very helpful as you can interact with more people or you can have a French-American dictionary handy while visiting Québec or Montreal.

Converting your home currency to Canadian dollars is not at all a big problem as all the Canadian banks provide currency exchange facilities. Few private exchange bureaus give better exchange rates than banks. Also please note that many retailers, hotels with hot tubs and tourist destinations will accept American dollars.

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