California – Hotels With Jacuzzi

California is one of the most famous states in the USA. It’s close proximity to the Pacific Ocean makes this city very amenable. Many celebrities from all over the world have made their house in California. California is blessed with abundant natural beauty like ocean, mountains, hills and valleys. It also is the home of many hotels that have jacuzzi suites.

One interesting thing to do in California is observing whales and dolphins in the ocean which can be a great way to pass time in California. There are some other water creatures as well like seals and pelicans and if you are lucky enough then you might see sharks too. Many cruises will take you into the ocean for an adventurous water safari. This adventure is open to people throughout the year. Newport is one of the famous areas where you will find these tours available. Relaxing in your hot tub suite in your hotel is the perfect antidote after a sea safari.

Fishing is also a fairly big tourist attraction in California. Newport beach is the place where lots of fishing activities takes place. Private boats are available for rental in some areas. Some people who are experienced can go for more than a day trip for fishing. Sand bass, calico, barracuda, yellowfin and many more fishes can be found here.

Southern California (also know as SoCal) rarely gets very cold and as such is a great place to stay in a hotel with jacuzzi in room to relax in after a long hot day of sightseeing.

Aircraft rides in California will also gives you a great rush.  If you can go to south California then you can enjoy air fight with F16 Jet fighter’s cockpit simulators which will allow you to enjoy the trills of air to air combat with missiles and guns.

Apart from this there are regular places to visit like parks, museums, zoos. Long drives in the mountains and valleys are also a good way of exploring California. For more great tips and advice on everything from log cabins with hot tubs to where the best places to travel are, make sure to check the Hotels With Hot Tubs homepage.

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